The (Very Cheap) Humble Book Bundle Is Full Of Sci-Fi Novels By Real Scientists

The (Very Cheap) Humble Book Bundle Is Full Of Sci-Fi Novels By Real Scientists

Humble is best known for its game bundles, but it also packages applications and other media at discount prices from time to time. For example, right now it’s running a book bundle containing digital sci-fi novels penned by actual scientists, starting with six titles for $US1.

I can’t say if the featured authors / scientists are any good on the narrative front, but at the very least they’ll be accurate. Fortunately, if you’re interested, you can start by spending a single dollar (well, $1.30 or thereabouts) and sampling the following books in the bundle’s entry tier:

The Protos Mandate: A Scientific Novel Nick Kanas   A Man From Planet Earth: A Scientific Novel Giancarlo Genta   On the Shores of Titan’s Farthest Sea Michael Carroll   The Hunt for FOXP5: A Genomic Mystery Novel Wallace Kaufman, David Deamer   The Hunter: A Scientific Novel Giancarlo Genta   Beyond Human: Engineering Our Future Evolution Erik Seedhouse

If you find those enjoyable, you can spend another $US7 to get six more:

The Return of Vaman: A Scientific Novel Jayant V. Narlikar   The Caloris Network: A Scientific Novel Nick Kanas   The New Martians: A Scientific Novel Nick Kanas   Small Doses of the Future: A Collection of Medical Science Fiction Stories Brad Aiken   Murder on the Einstein Express and Other Stories Harun Šiljak   Alien Encounter: A Scientific Novel Dirk Schulze-Makuch

Finally, spending a total of $US15 gets you everything, include these four books:

Using Medicine in Science Fiction: The SF Writer’s Guide to Human Biology H. G. Stratmann   Hollyweird Science: From Quantum Quirks to the Multiverse Kevin R. Grazier, Stephen Cass   If the Universe Is Teeming with Aliens … Where Is Everybody? Stephen Webb   Exploring Science Through Science Fiction Barry B Luokkala

As with most bundles from Humble, you can contribute varying amounts to charity, Humble or the publisher, Springer Nature. And there’s no rush — at the time of writing, it’ll be around for another 10 days.

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