The First Jumanji Photo Is Here And Everyone Looks Like Characters In A Jungle Explorers Video Game

Kevin Hart put the first photo of most of the cast (admittedly, a Jonas brother is missing) up on Instagram. And, well, he, Dwayne Johnson, Karen Gillan and Jack Black all look exactly like the the most basic caricature of "jungle explorers" you could imagine. Hart has the floppy hat and bandanna, paired with a terrified look that screams "man dragged on adventure against his will". Johnson has a knife strapped to his leg and what appear to be fingerless gloves. I'm pretty sure Jack Black is wearing the lab coat's jungle cousin, but more importantly he has the required pith helmet. Oh God, he's going to have a British accent from the 1800s, isn't he?

Then there's Karen Gillan. She's definitely playing Faux-ra Croft in this. And it had better be a parody, because otherwise this is just awful. She has leather straps on her chest, for God's sake!

Anyway, the Jumanji remake seems to be more jungle-y than the original. Not sure if that's a good thing.

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