Tell Us What You Named Your Phone And Why

Tell Us What You Named Your Phone And Why

We’ve all seen it — someone hands you their phone and you notice that it’s called “Bob”. Or you see a list of possible devices you can connect to and every single one has a weird name. Or you’re the one scrambling to explain why you’ve renamed your work computer “Big Bad Caesar”.

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If you’re the kind of person who just goes with “So-and-So’s Phone/Computer/Tablet” that’s fine. That’s more than fine, it’s descriptive. Some of us feel the pressure to be more creative. One Gizmodo staffer started calling everything the “Blank-O-Matic” when he was 17, and now he can’t stop. He’s committed.

I have a family member who names all his devices after the unfortunate salesperson who sold it to him. There’s nothing quite like the look of confusion on an Apple Store employee’s face as they watch him type out their name in his brand new iPhone.

So go ahead and share your naming conventions here. Inspire some people to get creative with theirs.