Store Is Very Sorry For Exploiting 9/11 With Its ‘Twin Tower Sale’ Commercial

Store Is Very Sorry For Exploiting 9/11 With Its ‘Twin Tower Sale’ Commercial

In a deeply regrettable attempt to cash in on human tragedy using viral video magic, a company called Miracle Mattress decided to film and post a bizarre commercial promoting its “Twin Tower sale.” Welp!

The 21-second spot was originally posted to Facebook, but it’s since been taken down. Nevertheless, a copy was captured and uploaded to YouTube, where it’s now been viewed more than 700,000 times. It features three chirpy people hyping up the company’s new Twin Tower sale, and it goes about as well as you would expect.

“What better way to remember 9/11 than with a Twin Tower sale?” the woman asks, punctuating the last three words with slight pauses, presumably so the audience has time to fully register what they’re hearing. At the end, the woman throws her arms back, pretending to push her two male companions into the two towers of stacked mattresses behind them. Then they actually fall down, bringing the mattresses with them. She screams. Then she says, “We’ll never forget.”

It’s unclear what, exactly, the creators were thinking, but it seems plausible that this was an entirely misguided attempt at mining a few minutes of fame from the internet content mines. Of course, the video has gone viral, just not in the way its creators probably hoped.

Angry commenters have flocked to Miracle Mattress’s Facebook page to decry the ad, and the company itself has posted an apology.

Currently, Miracle Mattress has over two thousand one-star ratings on Facebook, and its Yelp rating sits at a lowly one-and-a-half stars. And that’s it for today’s episode of “Unfortunate attempts at internet fame!”