South Australia’s State-Wide Blackout Was Weird As Hell

South Australia’s State-Wide Blackout Was Weird As Hell

As you’re probably already aware, South Australia was hit by a storm last night and consequently the entire goddamn state was without power for a seriously long time.

It was super weird.

For a long period of time a major Australian city looked like this:

And also this:

Image: Reddit

Which is just completely bizarre. Cities are not supposed to look like this. It’s almost post-apocalyptic. Like the plot of an un-made Ghostbusters sequel.

This guy was in the middle of shopping when it happened and it looked like this:

Image: Reddit

Which is sort of mindblowing, but also what I would imagine a grocery store to look like when the power is turned off.

But, for perspective, this is what it looks like, when an entire STATE is turned off…

Yep, you basically look like North Korea from space. That’s not a position you want your state to be in.

It was of course, the result of the Adelaide storm, which meant the internet has been spewing with super interesting images of the storm in action.


I recommend watching this super cool weather loop, which shows the storm building to its insane crescendo.

And then there was this image, which sort of summed up the situation quite aptly.

I feel for the dude who was stuck in an elevator during this whole situation.

Thankfully things are starting to get back to normal. Human beings don’t have to start eating one another. That’s a relief.

And finally, you thought they couldn’t shoehorn Harambe into this. They found a way…
Thanks internet.