Samsung Has Capped Charging For The Galaxy Note7

Samsung Has Capped Charging For The Galaxy Note7

If you have a Galaxy Note7, and still haven’t switched off and taken it back, do it. Not only is it at risk of catching fire, as of next week Samsung will begin rolling out a software upgrade that will limit the battery to 2,100 mAh of its 3,500 mAh capacity.

This is in an effort to protect you from your phone catching fire. I don’t mean to overstate the point at all, but if you have a Samsung Galaxy Note7 your phone can catch fire. Seriously, just switch it off and take it back.

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The Associated Press has reported on a South Korean newspaper carrying advertising from Samsung detailing the update, which will begin in South Korea on 20 September.

“It is a measure to put consumer safety first but we apologise for causing inconvenience,” the advertisement by Samsung Electronics said.

There are no solid details on when (or if) the update will make it to Australia, or if it is a forced update, but we will keep you update as further information comes to light.

If you have a Galaxy Note7, you can choose a new Galaxy Note7 (with a courtesy device provided until the arrival of replacement Galaxy Note7 stock) or a refund via either Samsung or your retailer — depending on where you purchased it.

If you choose to get a replacement Note 7, your retailer or Samsung will be in touch from September 21 to organise delivery. The new batch will be identifiable by a small black square on the white barcode label along with a white sticker with a blue letter S on the box, and you’ll be able to check your IMEI number on an a database to be set up on the Samsung Australia website.

Until a replacement device is provided, don’t use your Note 7. Back up your data, complete a factory reset to delete personal data, power down your device and return it to its place of purchase.