Red Dwarf’s 11th Season Arrives This Month, Along With A Mobile Game

Red Dwarf’s 11th Season Arrives This Month, Along With A Mobile Game

Blimey. I never thought I’d be writing the words “Red Dwarf” and “11th season” in 2016. Yet, here we are and I’ve just typed those exact letter / number combinations. Starting from September 22, the show will air six new episodes on UK cable channel Dave and fingers crossed, promptly licensed and televised in other regions like say, Australia. Oh and there’s a Red Dwarf game coming out too, but it looks utterly pants.

We heard about two new seasons last year, of course, but a game is kind of left-field. As the official Red Dwarf website notes, there have been other attempts at games based on show, but they’re entirely forgettable.

The game, developed by GameDigits and imaginatively titled “Red Dwarf XI”, will be available on both iOS and Android platforms. Its launch will “coincide with the new series” and feature Starbug navigating a “wide range of minigames”. Here’s a screenshot:

I know, I know, you don’t have to say it. “Smeg points”? Oh dear. I will give them one thing — the game will be updated with extra, show-related content as each episode airs, which is kind of neat.

As for season 11 itself — I couldn’t track down any information regarding local air dates, or even if the ABC will pick it up at all. That said, I realise this is a completely irrelevant detail for anyone with even the most basic knowledge of how the internet works.

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