Pedalling This Exercise Bike Gives Your Dog A Workout Too

Pedalling This Exercise Bike Gives Your Dog A Workout Too

You can probably think of countless reasons why you don’t want to take your dog for a walk. It’s too cold, you’re tired, your arch nemesis lives around the corner — the list goes on and on. But with this double-duty exercise bike and treadmill, you can give your pup a good run without ever stepping outside.

The Doggy Health Run Pet Owner Exercise Treadmill doesn’t need to be plugged in since it’s the human on the bike who powers the treadmill. The faster you pedal, the more of a workout both you and your dog get. It also turns your pet into a great source of motivation for staying fit, since you both have to work out at the same time as there’s no automatic mode.

The treadmill can either be placed alongside the exercise bike or in front of it so that you can stare your dog in the face while you both get fit. It presumably works with cats as well, assuming they’re OK with being tethered in place for longer than a few seconds. But unfortunately larger pups will still have to be taken for a stroll outside since the treadmill can only accommodate smaller dogs.

The only other downside is the price. Since the exercise bike originates in Japan, you’ll have to import it to get one in Australia. And right now the Japan Trend Shop can help you out with that, but for just north of $2700. For that price you might as well just hire a dog walker.

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