Open Speed Limits Scrapped In The Northern Territory

Open Speed Limits Scrapped In The Northern Territory

Since 2014, a 300km section of the Stuart Highway north of Alice Springs has had a “derestricted” speed limit. Basically, you could drive as fast as you like.

But that era is due to come to an end, with the Labor Party confirming it would reinstate a 130km/h speed limit on the road “as soon as possible”.

According to Drive this isn’t the first time the NT Labor party has abolished open speed limits in the territory, making the same move in 2006. The Country Liberal Party put them back in place when they took power and it was found that fewer people died with unrestricted speed limits due to a lack of fatigue.

But Gunner has disputed these findings, saying 130km/h is “very reasonable” and experts would prefer the 110km/h limit enforced in the rest of Australia. 85 per cent of drivers travelled between 133km/h and 139km/h when the road was derestricted.

“Our policy which we have taken to several elections now is that it should be 130km/h,” a spokesperson for incoming chief minister Michael Gunner said. “There will be no open speed limits under Labor. We’re backing calls from experts in the field like the Police Association and the AMA who have called for 130km/h to be brought back in those zones.”