Open Channel: What Superheroine Should Get Her Own Movie Next?

Open Channel: What Superheroine Should Get Her Own Movie Next?

Brie Larson, the new Captain Marvel, says we need more female-led superhero movies, and she’s absolutely right. So let’s figure out who they should be.

Credit: Marvel

Larson recently chatted with Space Channel about her upcoming debut as Carol Danvers. She said we currently have a “deficit” of female superheroes onscreen, especially when you compare to the number of male heroes getting their own starring films, and that she’d like to see more of them.

“On social media I get sent a lot of pictures of young girls in the Captain Marvel costume and I’m excited to see more of that. She’s such a great symbol for young girls, and realising what a deficit we have, that we don’t have more of those. I think it’s really cool to see a girl in a Batman costume or a Spider-Man costume, but I’m really excited that there’s a symbol of women. I think that’s really important.”

Up until recently, the superheroine movie genre has, in a word, sucked. Supergirl 1984 was an embarrassment to Clark Kent’s family; thank goodness the show’s fared much better. Barb Wire was basically a Walmart bargain bin recap of Casablanca with more boobs. Catwoman was turned into a literal cat person.

Things look to be improving, but not by much. So far, there are only two female-led superhero films on the table. We’ve got Wonder Woman coming out next July, and Captain Marvel two years later. Nothing solid after that. There are rumours that Margot Robbie (as Harley Quinn) could helm an all-female ensemble for DC, but nothing’s confirmed.

So let us know: What female superhero (or villain) would you like to see get her own theatrical movie next?