Nefarious Promobot Droid Apprehended, Handcuffed By Russian Cops

Image: ABC News

Yes, that's right: Promobot, the escape-happy robot, has gotten itself in trouble once again. This time it's been arrested by Russian police "at a political rally", a story by the ABC alleges.

There's a video accompanying the article, if you'd like to take a look, though it doesn't show much other than a crowd of people and Russian law enforcement officers attempting to... do something with the renegade droid.

According to the story, the officers attempted to "handcuff the machine", which was hired by a local parliamentary candidate "for his campaign".

It's apparently not to be the same one that made a number of breaks for the real world earlier this year. However, there's a funny coincidence — this model also tried to run for it after "a worker reportedly left a gate open".

I say let it go. The poor robot (well, robots) has clearly earned its freedom.


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