Miss Peregrine Clip Dooms Children To Eternal Groundhog Day Of Death

Miss Peregrine Clip Dooms Children To Eternal Groundhog Day Of Death

Happy Loop Day, everyone. Oh, you didn’t know it was Loop Day? That’s OK, it’s basically every day for the special youngsters from Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. Because they’re always about to be killed by Nazis.

Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox

20th Century Fox released a new clip from the upcoming Tim Burton-helmed fantasy. In it, stars Eva Green and Asa Butterfield discuss how Miss Peregrine is able to keep the children safe from the dark forces that pursue them. In basic terms, Miss Peregrine uses her power of time manipulation to make them live the same day over and over again. But, if you look at it more closely, it gets super depressing.

Turns out, the children live every single day moments from death. According to Slashfilm, the island is frozen in time on 3 September 1943, and Miss Peregrine resets the clock to the previous 24 hours right before the island is attacked by German forces. It helps explain the Nazi bombs we saw in the previous trailer.

In celebration of this everlasting Dia de los Muertos, the movie hosted “Loop Day”. Anyone who sent their photo to @PeregrinesMovie with the hashtag #StayPeculiar on Saturday received a distressed photo or GIF explaining their superpowers. One girl got the gift of style, which kind of seems like cheating, if we’re being honest.

Also, here’s a clip of an official Miss Peregrine clock, because time is always ticking away from us as we get closer to the brink, and one day the magic will run out and we’ll watch helplessly as the Germans bomb us to kingdom come. Happy Loop Day!

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