Michael Bay Films So Many Explosions He’s Now Got A Camera Named After Him

Michael Bay Films So Many Explosions He’s Now Got A Camera Named After Him

Michael Bay is known for filming giant ‘splosions and even gianter cleavage, so it’s no surprise he’d get his own camera to bring him up close and personal with all those boobies and bombs. And it’s called the “BAYHEM.”

Bay shared a video on Instagram filming a big action scene for Transformers: The Last Knight using a custom camera made for him, with a Megatron medallion on the side. It was specifically modified for Bay’s filming style, so the company nicknamed it “BAYHEM.” Get it? It’s like Mayhem, but about Michael Bay.

Bay admitted in another Instagram video that it was a promotional thing for RED Camera, a professional digital cinematography company. But he approached the whole sponsored-content thing in true Bay style, embracing the product placement while seemingly not giving a shit about it either.

“They asked me what colour should I paint it,” Bay said in the video. “I said, ‘Guys, you’re doing it for advertising purposes, so why don’t we paint it fucking green?'”

So far it’s the only BAYHEM camera that’s been made, no word if they’re going to replicate it for Bayabes (Bay wannabes, copyright 2016). In the meantime, Bay isn’t limiting his new doodad to giant explosions and flying bodies. He also took it out for a spin last week when shooting Victoria’s Secret underwear models in Paris.

“Here we are, selling panties with it,” Bay said.

So yes, he’s literally using it for bombs and babes. Sometimes I honestly can’t tell if Michael Bay is just trolling all of us.

Scratch that. He has to be.