Logitech’s New Prodigy PC Gaming Gear Is More Affordable Than You Think

Logitech’s New Prodigy PC Gaming Gear Is More Affordable Than You Think
Image: Logitech

We really, really like Logitech’s G gaming gear for PC — its keyboards in particular are top notch both for typing those long boring emails and for smashing out a couple of rounds of CS:GO. While those peripherals are excellent, they’re also expensive. A new line of Prodigy mice, keyboard and headset from the guys at G gives you all the sturdy brightly-coloured Logitech goodness without the painful price tag.

The main thing you lose out with the G213 Prodigy keyboard is the mechanical, Logitech-bespoke Romer-G switches on the more expensive Orion ‘boards. You still get five independent RGB LED “illumination zones”, though, and the membrane-based keys have apparently been designed to have a tactile (but not audibly ‘clicky’) actuation that’s similar to the venerable Cherry MX Brown. It’s spill-proof, too, and has an integrated wrist-rest; it looks like a pretty good choice of gaming keyboard for $99.95, even if it looks a little less avant garde than some of the more angular alternatives out there.

If you’re looking for a new gaming mouse, the new G403 Prodigy — in $99.95 wired and $149.95 wireless variants — looks like it might be a worthy successor to the venerable MX518 that we all know and love. The wireless one uses the same 2.4GHz wireless tech as the $249.95 G900 Chaos Spectrum, while both usethe “world’s best” PMW3366 imaging sensor and have programmable RGB lighting through Logitech’s LGS gaming software suite. You can also shift between 200 and 12000 DPI for fine accuracy or mad 360-degree no-scope spins.

There’s also a new $99.95 G213 Prodigy gaming headset that has easily removable and washable earpads — useful if you’re planning on some serious, long-term, sweaty gaming sessions. It’s a stereo USB headset and has an integrated swing-down boom mic, and those big earcups — with 40mm neodymium drivers, like just about every other headset out there — swivel flat for easy packaging and storage. The two-metre cable has integrated mic and headphone volume controls too. All this new gear will be out in Australia during September. [Logitech]