Iron Fist May Have Said Too Much About Danny Rand’s Origin 

Iron Fist May Have Said Too Much About Danny Rand’s Origin 

Agents of SHIELD casts a major part of Ghost Rider’s backstory. James Wan starts teasing Aquaman‘s production. Rogue One gives us our best look at Darth Vader, who looks like… well, Darth Vader. Plus, new footage from the return of Gotham, and new looks at Voyage of Time and The Great Wall. Behold, Spoilers!

Doctor Strange

The film runs 130 minutes, according to Event Cinemas. [/Film]

Marvel has also confirmed that the release date of the film has been brought forward in the UK and Ireland, to October 25th.

Here’s a new poster. [Coming Soon]

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

New promotional art has started appearing online, thanks to the Pyramid International Catalogue for the film’s merchandise — and yes, it gives a better look at the film’s Darth Vader (despite the fact that he, you know, still looks like Darth Vader). More at the link. [/Film]


James Wan teases a potential location for the film’s production.

Voyage of Time

IMAX has released a featurette on the making of Terrence Malick’s new documentary about the creation of the universe.

The Great Wall

Here’s a new Chinese poster for the Great Wall-set monster film. [Screen Rant]

Iron Fist

Finn Jones revealed this quote from Danny’s mentor Lei Kung the Thunderer in the show. It may seem innocuous, but the Instagram post has since been a deleted, implying there might be something here the show isn’t quite ready to reveal. [Monkeys Fighting Robots]

The Last Ship

The show has been renewed for season five. [TV Guide]

Agents of SHIELD

Lorenzo James Henrie will be playing Gabriel Reyes in the show, the disabled brother of Robbie Reyes whose condition eventually drives Robbie into the circumstances that turned him into Ghost Rider in the comics. []


Jim Gordon forgets who DC Comic’s Jim Gordon was actually meant to be like in a new promo for the show’s return.

Here’s a new Penguin promo, to boot.

Teen Wolf

Finally, the show has released a “teaser” for the first episode of season six, that’s just a clip containing some snippets of the episode’s script.

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