If You Use Aussie Streaming Services, Take This Survey

Image: Supplied

If you're reading Gizmodo, then chances are you already know a lot about streaming services in Australia. You're probably very good at watching them and listening to them. If you want to potentially turn that skill into something that might actually influence government policy, then you can take part in a UTS study into Aussie streaming habits.

We like data and statistics here at Giz, and university research is one of the main avenues for governments to assess the way that its citizens actually live and work. To that end, we want you guys to help out UTS with a survey that might eventually help government understand how we use the internet in 2016.

UTS wants you to take part in an anonymous 30-minute survey about your streaming habits, as well as your opinions to online piracy, whether you know about VPNs and whether you use one, and other related topics. If you're keen, contact UTS School of Communications researcher Dr James Meese at [email protected]

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