GoPro's Karma Drone Is Going To Be Bonkers

Video: GoPro has been working in its Karma camera drone in secret for years, and it's very, very close to becoming a real thing. If you like drones, and if you like silky-smooth, crystal-clear video, then this short teaser clip should get you hyped.

Any concrete information on the GoPro Karma is very light on the ground at the moment, and this video shares just about as much information as we've ever had — including the date at which the drone will be unveiled. On September 19th (US time, presumably, so probably the morning of the 20th in Australia) GoPro will reveal all.

But until then, this video is the best example we have yet of what the Karma will be able to do. And what that is looks very, very impressive — incredibly smooth motion from a drone that starts out high above a library floor, but that then whizzes — silently — down into the bookshelves and through the stacks and underneath table lamps, before coming in close to focus on a student's face.

GoPro always puts together some amazing videos, but this one is getting us very excited for the unveiling of the Karma. [GoPro]

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