Google's Pixel Hype Train Has Reached Australia

Image: Gizmodo

A few days ago, we spotted a Google logo and the outline of a phone in Sydney's Circular Quay, with a photographer snapping away. Matching those same phone-shaped images we've been teased with, Google's Aussie Twitter account is now dialing up the hype.

This is what we saw last week:

And here's the result:

What will we see on the very early morning of October 5? Google is widely expected to release not one but two new smartphones under the Pixel brand — the Pixel and Pixel XL. But there might be more, too: a tweet from Google's senior vice president of Android, ChromeOS and Play Hiroshi Lockheimer suggests something big is on the way, and that big thing might just be the merged future of Google's Android and ChromeOS platforms in an operating system called Andromeda.

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