Google’s New Phones Will Be Announced On October 5

Google’s New Phones Will Be Announced On October 5

It’s official. Hot on the heels of the iPhone 7, Google has almost certainly released the date on which it will unveil new smartphones — and potentially even a tablet — under its new Pixel brand.

Pointing your browser to — the address that the link in the tweet above redirects to — gives you a fancy invitation to enter your email to learn more, and a calendar invite that translates to 3AM on October 5. In the US, that’s October 4, which makes sense given the /tenfour URL.

What will we learn about in the early hours of October 5? Well, you’ll learn almost precisely nothing from the 30-second video above, which shows a flat rectangular search box transforming agonisingly slowly into a curved-rectangle, portrait-shaped smartphone… shape. Just about the best thing about the video is that it’s set to Redbone’s Come And Get Your Love, which you’ll probably all know from Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Here’s a summary of what we’re all thinking:

But we’re still super hyped, too.