Forget Mars, Qantas Has New First Class Pyjamas

Forget Mars, Qantas Has New First Class Pyjamas
Images: Qantas

Shut it down, Elon. There’s no point. I’ve already forgotten about Mars: my new mission in life is to get a pair of these comfy-looking First Class pyjamas from Qantas.

The new pyjamas, stitched up by Paris-based Aussie designer Martin Grant, are only the third redesign since Qantas got PJs back in early 2007 — and they look bloody comfy. Of course, you’ll have to be flying internationally up in First Class on a Qantas A380 to actually get a pair, and that’s a trip that’ll cost you well into five figures in each direction.

The navy PJs are joined by a new amenity kit with Aussie goodies from ASPAR and a specially-designed face mask, also by Grant, that looks way better than your standard flimsy bit of cotton and plastic at blocking out ambient light. Matching navy and black slippers complete the ensemble, which I’m sure you’ll see down at the supermarket in a few weeks or months after they roll out across Qantas’ international A380 flights in late October.

A new partnership with Sheridan also means the sheets up in the pointy end will be plusher than ever, with everything from a mattress pad to sheets to a bespoke pillow forming the “ultimate luxury sleep experience” onboard our national carrier’s A380s. [Qantas]