Fitmodo: Run, Stay Sober Or Die

Fitmodo: Run, Stay Sober Or Die

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This week:

ACCC Says Chemmart’s DNA Test Ads Are ‘Misleading’

Chemmart’s myDNA test described itself as “personalised medicine” where “your DNA results can help guide your future health and lifestyle choices” in Chemmart’s catalogues, television infomercials, in-store brochures and other promotional materials — and ACCC isn’t happy about it, saying it “risked conveying a false or misleading impression regarding the usefulness of the genetic test, and the consumers for whom it may be appropriate”.

10 Lies You Shouldn’t Tell Your Doctor

Doctors have this nasty habit of asking a lot of questions, many of which make us uncomfortable or self-conscious. So we bluff. A lot. Here are 10 typical lies we tell our doctors, and why these seemingly innocuous fibs are hazardous to our health.

Run, Stay Sober, Or Die

Drinking an average of 2.4 standard drinks per day for men and 1.6 drinks per day for women has been associated with a 36 per cent greater risk of death from cancer, as well as a 13 per cent greater risk of death from any cause.

But a international research collaboration led by University of Sydney has found that exercising at even basic recommended weekly physical activity levels (at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity) may offset some of the harmful effects of drinking alcohol.

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