Fake An Injury With New Sandal-Boot Hybrid From Teva And Ugg

Ever wanted to wear a foot brace, but didn't have an injury to justify it? Well you're in luck. On Thursday, Teva and Ugg released a collaboration of fur-lined sandals that bear an eerie resemblance to a foot brace. It's the perfect shoe for those who love cold toes in the winter or sweaty feet in the summer. Image: Teva

My coworkers' reactions to these new shoes were "no," "God why," "hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha," "rip harambe," and "my eyes." They, however, failed to see how truly innovative Teva and Ugg's new line is.

What does it mean when to live in a world where a boot can be a sandal can be a foot brace can be a monstrosity?

It means anything is possible.

[Mashable; Business Wire]

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