Even This Busted-Looking, Pi-Based NES Is Better Than The NES Classic

Sorry to burst anyone's bubble if they were hanging out for Nintendo's official retro throwback, but even this old, busted, dusty-looking DIY console is superior. Let me count the ways.

Youtube user JWAM put together this Raspberry Pi 3-in-a-box as a part of the Pallet Upcycle Challenge 2016, which uses pallet wood to craft new, cool items for charity. You can see some of the other entries here. We're not saying you need to build your own console out of recycled materials and make it look like an NES Classic, but we are saying the Raspberry Pi loaded with RetroPie is cheaper and better.

Come November 10, you could pay $99.95 for the NES Classic Edition, which comes with 30 games and no potential for any more. OR, you could go for the Raspberry Pi-based solution that the community has been perfecting for a while now, and get access to, ummm... ALL the games. All of them.

But what about controllers you say? Well the NES Classic comes with one, and another one will be $19.95 if you want to play the two-player games. Or, you could use any controller that can plug into a USB on the Pi. Here's one you might like.

I know, I know. Sometimes you see a gadget and you just want it. Even if it's just because "OMG it looks like a tiny NES!" We've all been there.


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