Erotic Fan Fic Meets The Traditional Coming-Of-Age Movie In Slash

Video: Behold the first trailer for Slash, a new film from Clay Liford (Wuss) about a young erotic fan fic writer who runs the traditional gamut of all young cinematic nerds: First he’s shamed by his popular peers, then he discovers a larger world which contains people who accept him for his interests as well as who he is, and then he gets a hot girlfriend based on his initial nerdy interest. Plus, space sex!

The “live-action erotic fan fic” aspect seems to be Slash‘s most notable quality, although it doesn’t seem to actually be X-rated (nor does it star the male leads of Sherlock, Supernatural or the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which make up about 73 per cent of the internet’s erotic fan fiction stockpiles to my estimates — another knock to the film’s authenticity). But while Slash may look like a traditional loser-finds-acceptance/love story with a salacious “nerds like weird sex!” veneer, there’s a bit more to it in that apparently Michael Ian Black’s character has an ulterior motive regarding the young protagonist.

That could go somewhere unexpected or it could go somewhere very expected, which would be a bummer. But on the optimistic side, the film’s gotten a bevy of good reviews, and you can see in the trailer how many festivals it’s been shown at — which isn’t necessarily proof that it’s a masterpiece, but also isn’t a bad sign at all.

Slash opens in select US theatres and VOD on December 9. An Australian release has not been confirmed.

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