Destroy Your Child’s Trust By Tracking Them With This Watch

Destroy Your Child’s Trust By Tracking Them With This Watch

The Moochies mobile watch will make your kids feel like a secret agent, making phone calls from their wrist. For parents, you get peace of mind by not only being able to call your kids wherever they are, but also tracking their every move via GPS.

The $139.99 Moochies watch is aimed at kids aged 4 to 12, an age group where it’s probably still okay to track your offspring like a package delivery. And hey, it normalises it for the later teenage years, too! Kids can only make and receive calls from approved contacts, and there’s a legitimately handy “SOS” button you can press for more than 5 seconds to alert an alarm, on your mobile. You’ll get your child’s location details, and a 15-second sound recording.

There’s also an alarm clock and a pedometer, so you can even check how many steps they are taking.

An app for parents that lets you make calls, locate the device and even set a “Safety Geo-Fence” which alerts you if your child ventures outside a “safe-zone”. You can set approved contacts which can also call and track your spawn. You can also set a “time out” which disables the device for a set time, such as during class hours.

While being touted as a good alternative to a smartphone — eliminating the risks of social media access, photo-sharing and potential contact with strangers. But I still feel a bit off about it, it’s hard to articulate why, but I just can’t shake it.

What do you think? Are you okay with having a tracking device on your child?