Apple’s (Rumoured) ‘Dark Black’ iPhone 7 Looks Hot As

Apple’s (Rumoured) ‘Dark Black’ iPhone 7 Looks Hot As
Image: MacRumors / MacOtakara

A few days out of Apple’s (almost certain, but not guaranteed) iPhone 7 launch, a last-minute image of a new iPhone colour has surfaced on the ‘net. And you should forget rose gold: this dark black finish is the new hotness.

Coming to us from Macotakara via MacRumours, this picture — low resolution as it is — tells you everything you need to know:

I don’t know about you, but I think that looks awesome. Five colours in total are rumoured for the iPhone 7, which is largely expected to keep the same design and shape, but add both a dark, matte black finish and a piano black — remember the iPhone 3GS? coming alongside the usual silver, gold and rose gold. The two blacks will replace the darker space grey, says MacRumours.

Beyond that, the current state of rumour is much like what we’ve already heard: a new, faster processor and larger 256GB maximum storage option, as well as the dual-lens camera that we’ve been seeing around the traps — with one lens for wide-angle shots and one for telephoto and portraits, but using the same image sensor to maintain equal image quality.

The iPhone 7 is most likely to appeal to iPhone 6 and older owners, as well as the legions of Android users out there thatare tempted by Apple’s ease of use and top-down ownership of everything from devices to operating systems to apps. Lauren Guenveur, Consumer Insight Director for Kantar, says that iPhone owners generally last two years between upgrades: “The 6 and 6 Plus were released in 2014, and account for the largest share of Apple’s current installed base. So we would expect those owners to be among the largest group of upgraders to the iPhone 7.

“The potential buyers for the iPhone 7 could be anyone who’s upgrading now, or looking to upgrade in the next six months. iPhone owners who, regardless of whatever model they own, average about 25 months with the same phone. If we think about anyone who bought a 6 or 6 Plus two years ago, or anything older – which would include the 5S at the time –- they’re about ready now to upgrade to a new phone.”