Apple's (Empty) Twitter Account Is Now Verified

Image: Gizmodo

A few months after Apple finally embraced Twitter to hear users' myriad complaints at @AppleSupport, the Cupertino company now has another official presence on the line: @Apple, which — until a few minutes ago — had under 50,000 followers, has just been verified by the guys at Twitter.

At the moment, @Apple remains entirely blank, despite being registered in September 2011. It's an oddly quiet presence from a company that has recently cultivated a more outgoing and friendly online persona, including with the March move to begin offering informal user support over Twitter. But that might change in the coming days and weeks.

The timing of the verification is interesting, too. It's possible that Apple might use Twitter to live-tweet its iPhone 7 launch event next week, or that the move might signal a closer working relationship between the two tech companies.

Either way, now that Apple's Twitter presence has been confirmed as the real thing and not just some incredibly lucky and incredibly lazy squatter, watch that follower count fly up into the millions. [Twitter]

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