Another Marvel Hero Is Confirmed For Avengers: Infinity War

Another Marvel Hero Is Confirmed For Avengers: Infinity War

Ben Affleck’s Batman movie gets a release window. Kevin Feige talks about Stan Lee’s future cameos. Lionsgate is open to more Twilight. Plus, meet Agents of SHIELD‘s new director, more footage from Supergirl season two, and new looks at Passengers and Doctor Strange. Spoilers!

Avengers: Infinity War

Benedict Cumberbatch recently discussed with Empire magazine the “logistical challenge of aligning his schedule with those of Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany”, as Doctor Strange will be joining the Infinity War:

To get us all together will be quite something. That’s why this character is being introduced, to open up the next chapter. So watch this space to see how that unfolds.


Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes offers an update on when to expect the next Batman movie.

Ben announced a Batman movie [that] he’s going to direct, star, write for — I think it’s a year and a half out.



Kevin Feige revealed to Cinema Blend that Stan Lee has already filmed his next four cameos.

We do not shoot random ones. They’re always very specific. A couple of months ago in Atlanta, he flew down and we shot four in one day — for four various projects. They’re all awesome! They’re all totally different. And he was unbelievable. He was on fire. He came in, he sat here, he stood there, he stood in this window, and then he went home.

Doctor Strange

Two new stills have been released through Empire.


Lionsgate co-chairman Patrick Wachsberger tells Screen Daily more Twilight films could be on the way if Stephenie Meyer was open to writing more stories in the universe.

Not a certainty but it’s a possibility. It’s about Stephenie [novelist Stephenie Meyer]. If she wants to tell a story related to those characters we’re here for her.


Dwayne Johnson has another update from the set.


A few more new pictures from the film have been released. [Coming Soon]

Stranger Things

Shawn Levy tells Southern California Public Radio that the pressure is on for a successful second season:

Yes, the pressure is on. It would be so blatantly disingenuous of me to say differently. It’s scary to have people love something this much. It becomes impossible to banish all thoughts of not wanting to disappoint. This has been the challenge of it: on the one hand as we’ve see in the movie world, to do a follow-up that feels like the same thing is disappointing to an audience; to abandon things or change things [from the original], that disappoints the audience. A lot of Season 2 is next-level, some crazy stuff, but we must service these characters who are now beloved, who are known to the audience.


The Tick

Ben Edlund discusses the show’s internal continuity and how it ties into the storytelling:

There’s a plan for the introduction of characters in to the universe. The continuity of this is going to be very real. I’ve been working largely in hour-long genre stuff for years where what happens really matters, and people want to get into storylines and characters to get a feeling of meaning. That’s something we’re trying to do in this show, which is along the lines of what we’ve done in our most radical experimentation. We’re really trying to make you care about stuff that should be ridiculous. [Laughs] I’m very intrigued to see how it’s received.



According to Michael Ausiello, Frankenstein will be making an appearance on the show’s final season. [TV Line]

The Flash

Meanwhile some Caitlin Snow news, also from TV Line:

Meanwhile, having seen the premiere, we can confirm that the scant teases thus far about Flashpoint’s version of Caitlin have been very carefully worded. And it is awesome.


The CW has finally started sharing footage from the show’s return.

#SupergirlCW and Superman team up on the season premiere, Monday, October 10 at 8/7c on The CW!

A video posted by Supergirl (@supergirlcw) on


Two new introductory videos for the show have been released.

Agents of SHIELD

Finally, Coulson and May meet the new boss, and Daisy tries to intimidate Robbie, in two new clips from the next episode.

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