An Insanely Long List Of Ways To Deal With The iPhone Headphone Jack Apocalypse

An Insanely Long List of Ways to Deal With the iPhone Headphone Jack Apocalypse

When Apple stopped including disk drives on its desktop computers, the world barely batted an eye. When DVD-ROMs were removed from the MacBook, few cared. But the loss of the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 is a clear indicator that the apocalypse is upon us. But don't freak out just yet, we're going to help you deal.

Because using a standalone MP3 player or simply not upgrading to the iPhone 7 are laughable alternatives, here are some more down-to-earth ways to keep privately enjoying your music so no one can judge you for how terrible your taste in music might be.

Lightning Headphone Adapters

An Insanely Long List of Ways to Deal With the iPhone Headphone Jack Apocalypse

Apple Lightning Headphone Adapter

The cheapest way to cope with Apple's decision to remove the headphone jack from the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is to simply use the 3.5mm to Lightning adaptor that's bundled with both phones. It's free, which is nice a gesture, but the downside is you'll probably lose it within the first week, and have to buy a replacement. Thankfully they're just $12.


An Insanely Long List of Ways to Deal With the iPhone Headphone Jack Apocalypse

Scosche Strikeline Adaptor

Are you so enraged with Apple's decision to nix the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 that you refuse to spend any additional money with the company after upgrading? That's OK, Scosche will happily take your money. Its new Strikeline adaptor lets you keep using your favourite analogue headphones, with just a little bit of added dongle bulk hanging off the bottom of your fancy new hardware.


An Insanely Long List of Ways to Deal With the iPhone Headphone Jack Apocalypse

Scosche Strikeline Cable

There's no shortage of Lightning port adapters for tethering your cabled headphones to your new iPhone 7, but what about connecting it to the ancient stereo system in your car that only has an aux-in port? Scosche's Strikeline cable has you covered there. It works with headphones, or serves as a three-feet long physical connection between your phone and a stereo system, complete with inline playback controls and a microphone.


Wireless Headphone Adapters

An Insanely Long List of Ways to Deal With the iPhone Headphone Jack Apocalypse

Griffin iTrip Clip Bluetooth Audio Adaptor

If you like the idea of cutting the cable tie to your iPhone 7 from your existing headphones, say hello to the latest accessory you do not want to forget at home. The Griffin iTrip Clip is as simple as Bluetooth headphone adapters get, giving you roughly six hours of playback on a single charge. Yep, yet another thing to charge at night.


An Insanely Long List of Ways to Deal With the iPhone Headphone Jack Apocalypse

Wicked Audio Reach Bluetooth Audio Receiver

For exactly the same price as Griffin's iTrip Clip, the Wicked Audio Reach only musters about five hours of battery life on a quick hour-and-a-half charge, and includes the same playback and volume controls you can keep in easy reach while your phone is buried in your pocket. So why opt for Wicked Audio's solution? That's easy: If you're a fan of white iPhones, there's a matching white version of this adaptor.


An Insanely Long List of Ways to Deal With the iPhone Headphone Jack Apocalypse

Anker 2-in-1 Bluetooth Stereo Audio Music Receiver Adaptor and Transmitter

Why cough up $US30 for a wireless Bluetooth audio adaptor when most can be had for just $US20? The beauty of Anker's 2-in-1 device is that it can either add wireless functionality to a pair of wired headphones, receiving a Bluetooth signal from your iPhone 7, or it can broadcast a Bluetooth signal from an audio source that doesn't already have that capability, like from the headphone jack on your television.


An Insanely Long List of Ways to Deal With the iPhone Headphone Jack Apocalypse

Etekcity Wireless Bluetooth NFC Receiver Audio Adaptor

You probably haven't heard of the Etekcity brand, but its tiny wireless adaptor might be the one to beat. It's just $US20, claims to offer 10 hours of playback time per charge, works as both a Bluetooth receiver and transmitter, and even has NFC making it easy to pair to supported devices with a just a single tap. What's the downside? Trusting a brand you're unfamiliar with requires just a tiny leap of technological faith.


Lightning Earbuds

An Insanely Long List of Ways to Deal With the iPhone Headphone Jack Apocalypse

Apple Lightning EarPods

If you've already decided that you're upgrading to the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, you're already going to find Apple's new Lightning connector EarPods bundled with your new phone. Some people love them, some people hate them, but you don't really have a choice anymore. And if you're on an older iPhone with a Lightning port and want to upgrade, $US29 buys you a one-way ticket the future.


An Insanely Long List of Ways to Deal With the iPhone Headphone Jack Apocalypse

JBL Reflect Aware

JBL has managed to pack a lot of functionality into a pair of compact earbuds designed to stay in your ears even during an intense workout. The best feature of JBL Reflect Aware's earbuds isn't their noise cancelling powers -- it's the Lightning connector which means you don't need to use an adaptor, don't need to pair anything, and most importantly, don't need to charge yet another device every night.


Wireless Earbuds

An Insanely Long List of Ways to Deal With the iPhone Headphone Jack Apocalypse

Apple AirPods

At just $US159 with an impressive five hours of battery life that can be boosted to almost 24 full hours through its battery case, Apple's new AirPods might actually be the best way to go wireless -- and the most affordable. You unfortunately won't be able to get them until October, and they use Apple's new W1 wireless chip which means they will only work with the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus. That's a bummer, but if you plan to upgrade and want the easiest way to transition to a life without a headphone jack, this might be it.


An Insanely Long List of Ways to Deal With the iPhone Headphone Jack Apocalypse

BeoPlay H5

You'll have to settle for just five hours of streaming music or talking on the phone with Bang & Olufsen's BeoPlay H5 earbuds, but as far as wireless headphones go, these are as minimal and sleek as you're going to find. By compromising on the size of the battery, B&O has succeeded in making a pair of earbuds that don't look like you'll have to recharge them every night. The H5s are also splashproof, allow you to tune and customise their sound through a free accompanying app, and automatically turn off when you connect the magnetic earbuds together to help maximise battery life.


An Insanely Long List of Ways to Deal With the iPhone Headphone Jack Apocalypse

Jaybird Freedom Wireless

Designed for use during activities like running, biking, or anything that causes you to work up a sweat, Jaybird's Freedom Wireless don't mind a little moisture, and they include wings that help them stay in your ears while you're bouncing around. They also boast an impressive eight full hours of playback time, made possible by the inclusion of a tiny portable charger that lets you juice them back up after four hours.


Lightning Headphones

An Insanely Long List of Ways to Deal With the iPhone Headphone Jack Apocalypse

Philips Fidelio M2L

One of the few tech companies that seems to have a working crystal ball for predicting the future, Philips has actually been selling headphones with an Apple Lightning cable for a few years now. The digital-to-audio conversion required to turn your MP3s into audible music all happens within the M2L headphones themselves, meaning there's less chance of the signal being degraded as it travels down the headphone cable.


An Insanely Long List of Ways to Deal With the iPhone Headphone Jack Apocalypse

Audeze Sine On-Ear

Audeze is one of just a few companies that make over-the-ear headphones with what's known as a planar magnetic driver. The technology uses a thin electrically-charged film spread across the headphone's moving diaphragm. It's a more efficient way of producing sound that doesn't require a separate hardware amp, but also helps reduce distortion which is why many audiophiles-on-a-budget like to go this route.


An Insanely Long List of Ways to Deal With the iPhone Headphone Jack Apocalypse

Audeze EL-8 Titanium

The EL-8 headphones use the same planar magnetic technology as the Audeze Sine headphones do, but on a larger scale so the sound has more intense bass, with a further reduction of noise and distortion. The EL-8's acoustic profile can also be customised and tweaked using the free Audeze DSP app. So if you're especially picky about what you subject your ears to, these should go a long way to making you satisfied. The privilege will cost you just 800 bones.


Wireless Headphones

An Insanely Long List of Ways to Deal With the iPhone Headphone Jack Apocalypse

Bose QuietComfort 35

Bose's QuietComfort noise-cancelling headphones are as common a site in airports as coffee shops, but it wasn't until just a few months ago that one of the most popular headphones among travellers finally went wireless. The Bose QuietComfort 35s don't come cheap, and they don't look particularly high-end. But it's all about function here. The company has been making noise-cancelling headphones for forever, and has some of the best tech available.


An Insanely Long List of Ways to Deal With the iPhone Headphone Jack Apocalypse

Sony MDR-1000X

Bose's headphones might be synonymous with noise-cancelling, but to some of us they just look awful. Thankfully, countless other companies also have very good noise-cancelling technology, plus a talented team of product designers on staff. Sony's new MDX-1000X wireless headphones look fantastic, and actually offer multiple noise-cancelling modes, including one that lets voices and ambient sounds through so you're still aware of your surroundings while tuning out all the other background din.


An Insanely Long List of Ways to Deal With the iPhone Headphone Jack Apocalypse

Parrot Zik 3

Our own choice for best wireless headphones, Parrot's Zik 3 look like a swanky leather-clad accessory you'd find bundled with a luxurious Rolls Royce. But they're also packed with impressive functionality, including near invisible touch-sensitive controls on the ear cups, noise cancellation, and completely customisable sound. It's also a standout when it comes to talking on the phone, thanks to a bone-conducting mic that helps ensure you come across crystal clear to the person you're talking to.


An Insanely Long List of Ways to Deal With the iPhone Headphone Jack Apocalypse

Sennheiser 2.0 Momentum Wireless

If you're willing to spend almost $1500 on a new iPhone when your iPhone 6 still works fine, then clearly money is no object to you. So when it comes to upgrading to wireless headphones, the Sennheiser 2.0 Momentum Wireless should be at the top of your list. The build quality is impeccable, the sound is even better.




    *NERD ALERT* By "disk drives" you mean floppy disk drives and CD/DVD ROM drives? Many of their computers still use hard disk drives..

    Maybe i've missed it in the article but No 1 question i've heard from friends, How do they charge their phone and listen to music with wired headphones.

      They buy an adaptor. Or a dock.
      Or they don't charge and have wired sound at the same time.

        Typically if you are charging whilst listening, you are tethered to a wall socket, so a dock or adapter isn't a big deal in that situation, as you are stuck in one place anyway.

          Of course it's a big deal. It is making your life more complicated when this stuff is supposed to make our lives simpler. It's a big deal that you can pay more than $1300 for a new phone and still have spend even more money to do something you've been able to do with every other phone you have ever owned. And a lot of people charge their phone in the car, which is definitely going to be a big deal because those same people would typically like to listen to music from their phone, too.

          It wouldn't have been nearly as big a deal if they had put wireless charging into the phone - you know, like other brands have been doing for years - but they didn't. They took something away and didn't offer anything as a replacement, not even a lower price. I'd liken it to the trend of car makers replacing proper spare tyres with skinny space-savers or just a can of goo. It's great for the car maker but offers nothing at all to the poor sap who is paying tens of thousands of dollars for a new car. Although at least the skinny spare of goo gives the owner more boot space and less weight to lug around, so even that's a better deal than this.

          It beggars belief that anyone can defend Apple over this. It would be one thing is you said that it didn't affect you so you didn't care, which is precisely how I would feel about it because I never listen to music from my phone, but to try and tell someone else it isn't a big deal is just absurd.

            or just tell them buy Android.... problem solved.

            I never charge and listen to my phones, don't like the idea I have to be stuck in one spot just to listen to my music.

            Either I BT to my dock while it's charging or I unplug them and listen to it.

            However I could see the issue when you use powerbank all the time... then you have to buy that adapter...

            Everyone is bitching about this, few months in the track, Android will follow to lose the phone jack.... like that did with FLASH support or laptop without CD/DVD-ROM. Now my DELL work laptop got no CD - ROM what so ever. And I never had the need for it anymore.

          True, At work or home they would do but what about on the plane or train.

    So basically the options are... spend money, spend money, or spend more money. Thanks Apple for your courage #thinkofthepoorpeople #rathergivetocharity

    You missed one

    Buy an Android

      Nah, the whole catching fire thing whilst listening to music kind of put me off.

        Right, in much the same way that "you're holding it wrong" put you off iPhones? Or how about bendgate? Touch disease, which is far more widespread than Samsung battery fires? It seems to me that there are many more reasons not to buy an iPhone than their are not to buy one of a dozen or more Samsung handsets. But I'm sure you'll latch onto the one log floating by as you head over the waterfall, rather than swim to the shore.

        Do I really want to buy a phone that doesn't have pyrotechnics in this day and age?

        ^ that's the most .... stupidest thing I've red....

        Only 1 phone which is Samsung Note 7 has issues, not all Android...

        And no I am not Android user, I am actually an iPhone user, I am defending Android because that just a false accusation.

        Last edited 10/10/16 2:13 pm

    The number 1 recommendation here should be to find a phone that works the way you need it to. Every one of these so-called "solutions" is nothing more than a kludge - an inelegant workaround for the loss of what many would consider an essential feature that every other mobile phone ever made has had. To tell anyone who has just spent more money on a new phone than anyone else in history that they should go and spend even more money, just to make the phone as useful as a $100 prepaid handset, is a joke. Surely everyone can see that?

      So using the lightning headphones that come free with the phone, isn't a real solution?
      What about the lightning adaptor that also comes with the phone? Admittedly it's not as elegant but it does allow a person to use their current headphones without spending "even more money".
      The removal of the 3.5 jack affects people who have already spent a lot of money on head phone and people who like to charge while listening. The former are covered without having to pay more money. The later, well this is where they need an adaptor that supports it, or they need to rethink their charging habits.
      Either way, no one is going in blind when they purchase an iPhone 7. They know it won't have the phone jack, they know it will have headphones and an adaptor. They can decide to not buy it if that doesn't fit their needs.
      It'll be interesting to see if the removal will have a lasting effect on the industry. Will other mobile makers release jack-less versions? Will there be a push for more cheaper wireless headsets?


        I went with an iPhone 7, and made this decision even though I travel often and rely on noise cancelling headphones. Not having the headphone jack did not affect my purchase. After having a number of android based phones that left me stranded in another city with either crashing problems, or GPS that drops out constantly while driving in an unfamiliar city, or any other number of issues I wont get started on, placed enough straws on this camel's back that I moved back to using Apple. In the above circumstances, out comes the backup old iphone 4 POS and the old bugger would always work no matter what. I like the Note 7, but when the battery cant even be built right from the get-go, lord help me when I have a problem 2 weeks out of warranty, let alone having a problem in another city far from home and trying to get it fixed.

        For some of us, being able to get service in most cities, and having a phone that is always reliable and functional comes before having the newest gimmick feature that it turns out you never use. For my decision, not having a headphone jack and instead using the supplied adapter that comes with the phone far outweighs the negatives.

        Now, if I can find a way to stop tangling my old headphone leads. Oh, wait a second...

        ^ agreed, watch ... others will follow.

        Like Android with FLASH support or notebook without CD/DVD ROM....

        They bitched about it when Apple removed it, now everyone adapts to it.

        Last edited 10/10/16 2:16 pm

    So if your going to remove the 3.5 jack because it limits the phone in size then why dont you replace it with something thinner ie a smaller version of the lightning adaptor because you would only need sound through it . then ppl wouldn't have to choose between charging the phone and playing music.

    Here's a question that I haven't seen asked yet.
    I have a controller on my current wired headphones that works with my iPhone.
    Can stop and start music etc. Will it still work if it's plugged into the adapter?

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