A Robot Made A Trailer For Morgan And It’s Not Good

A Robot Made A Trailer For Morgan And It’s Not Good

The latest trailer for Fox’s Morgan was made by IBM’s most famous Jeopardy contestant/chef, Watson. And I can now rest a little bit easier knowing that the robot uprising is a long way off, because Watson sucks at this.

Image: 20th Century Fox

From Watson’s trailer I know exactly one thing about Morgan: Get ready for a lot of looooong shots of people staring. The video is three and a half minutes long, but the last two minutes are a behind-the-scenes video of how it was made. About 90 seconds are the actual trailer. Thirty of those seconds have shots of people talking or moving. Nearly a full minute is just this:

This follows the phrase “Exceeds our wildest expectations.”

I promise this is actually a gif.

This gif stops right before the climactic moment where a hand goes on the glass.

Paul Giamatti is shockingly animated for this trailer. Even though he never speaks.

Anyway, if you want the “action shots” (Kate Mara picks up a chair to throw through the glass, but there’s a cut to black before she actually does; also, Kate Mara yells and trembles; the creepy child and Toby Jones occasionally speak) then you can watch it below.

I think the best proof that a human hand is needed to make a really good trailer is the featurette that comes right after. None of the editing there breaks any new ground, but its miles ahead of Watson.

Anyway, Morgan comes out November 17.