A Grim Time Loop Ruins Robbie Amell's Day, Every Day, In Netflix Thriller ARQ 

Video: The first trailer for Orphan Black writer Tony Elliott's feature debut, ARQ, is here, and it looks to have a thing or two in common with Edge of Tomorrow (or at least a much more dystopian Groundhog Day). Robbie Amell (The Flash) and Rachael Taylor (Jessica Jones) star as the couple re-living the worst day ever over and over. But unlike those other two stuck-in-a-loop movies, there's no alien power or rodent magic involved in the space-time warp. Instead, it's caused by a sought-after invention — the ARQ — that could solve the energy crisis that's tearing the world apart. If only the damn thing could just stop pushing replay.

ARQ hits Netflix on September 16.

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