Woz To Apple: You Don’t Know Jack

Woz To Apple: You Don’t Know Jack

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is just as pissed off about the iPhone 7‘s reported lack of a headphone jack as you are. Image: AP

Speaking to the Australian Financial Review, Woz said that “if [the iPhone 7] is missing the 3.5mm earphone jack, that’s going to tick off a lot of people”.

“I would not use Bluetooth,” he continued. “I don’t like wireless. I have cars where you can plug in the music, or go through Bluetooth, and Bluetooth just sounds so flat for the same music.”

If the iPhone 7 does indeed get rid of the jack — and every sign indicates this is the case — Woz said he’ll probably just use an adaptor to continue using his custom earbuds. We’re sure Apple will be happy to sell him one at a discount.

“Ticked off” about the headphone jack or not, Woz admits that “Apple is good at moving towards the future”.

This future will just require a little bit of dongle hell. At least until Bluetooth gets better.

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