Why You Should Follow Your Roommate On Social Media (Hint: Murder)

Why You Should Follow Your Roommate On Social Media (Hint: Murder)

If you’re not following your roommate on Twitter, stop everything you’re doing and start following them right now. It could save your life. In Gilbert, Arizona, a man is now facing murder chargers after allegedly shooting and killing his roommate. The act of violence comes just two days after the shooter published an aggressive tweet about how he might do it.

Police say 21-year-old Zachary Penton called 911 to turn himself in after he allegedly shot and killed his 41-year-old roommate Daniel Garofalo following an altercation. Garofalo was pronounced dead when cops arrived, and Penton was taken into custody without incident. Penton later confessed to the murder.

This cold-blooded murder would be just another run-of-the-mill act of gun violence if it weren’t for the series of homicidal and disturbing tweets Penton sent out days before actually killing his roommate.

At first glance, Penton’s tweets seem like the random musings of an average 21-year-old. He was excited for the release of Frank Ocean’s new album and complained about Snapchat. But at closer inspection, Penton’s tweets appear to reveal more about his character and his obsession with violence and weapons.

It’s still unclear exactly why Penton and his roommate were arguing, but what is clear from the 21-year-old’s Twitter account is that he had a penchant for weapons. Penton asks his Twitter followers several times if they wanted to “go shooting” and also retweeted several accounts that were pro-gun.

Perhaps the scariest of Penton’s tweets is one from June 4:

Whether or not it was the same weapon used in the vicious murder of his roommate is unclear.

Police are still investigating exactly what happened moments before the shooting according to an ABC News report. Penton was booked into Maricopa County Jail on murder charges.

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