What Happens When You Shoot A Liquid Nitrogen Gun At A Flamethrower

Ah, in a tale as old as ice and fire, here’s a liquid nitrogen ‘squirt gun’ versus a flamethrower. The Backyard Scientist outfitted a liquid nitrogen canister with a release valve that basically turns liquid nitrogen into a freeze ray death weapon of sorts (as in, the pressure makes the liquid nitrogen shoot out pretty strong). He pitted it up against a flame thrower to see how long it would take the liquid nitrogen shooter to win and it’s quite the battle.

If you had to choose which X-Men power you’d want in real life, it turns out Iceman’s freezing abilities wouldn’t be a bad choice because in this experiment the home-made freeze-ray eventually extinguished the flamethrower — but we’d still take Wolverine’s retractable claws.

Watch the video from The Backyard Scientist below. There’s also tests of the liquid nitrogen gun with other objects like flowers, a flaming laptop, and a human.