Watching Stephen Colbert Completely Nerd Out Over Lord Of The Rings Is Still A Delight

Video: I suppose for most normal people, seeing this collection of Stephen Colbert answering Lord of the Rings questions at the Late Show pre-taping is funny just because, ha ha, what a nerd, how did he ever function in society long enough to get a national late night talk show and so on. But we know better.

Colbert’s answers reveal exactly how much time he’s spent thinking about the world of Middle-Earth and all the events that have taken place there even before the First Age began. Because not only does he know the Valar, the Maiar and their various specialities, relationships and patronages all off the top of his head, he’s also noticed another flaw in Gandalf’s plan to send Frodo to Mount Doom with the Ring in addition to the eagle controversy. (Truly, Samwise is the Most Valuable Hobbit of LotR.)

Neither Colbert’s fandom nor his openness about his fandom is breaking news, but it’s still wonderful to see in action.

[Gamme Squad]