Watch: Man Climbs Trump Tower

Watch: Man Climbs Trump Tower

Video: A man is presently climbing Trump Tower on New York’s Fifth Avenue using four suction cups. He reached the fifth floor about an hour ago according to Gothamist. Presently it’s not known why he’s doing this, but you can watch it happen.

The climber, naturally, shuffled off to a different side of the building free of air vents. NYPD countered by knocking a hole in one of the windows, covering the climber in debris.

According to the ABC news stream, NYPD have the climber “from all sides” and his imminent capture is “just a matter of time”. I would contend that he could easily draw this out for the sake of watching law enforcement officials break as many windows in Trump tower as possible.

Watch this feed courtesy of Facebook user Peter Shankman: