Watch Live: Samsung’s Gear S3 Launch Event

Watch Live: Samsung’s Gear S3 Launch Event

Samsung has something ticking up its sleeve. In a few hours, at an event in the middle of Berlin before IFA 2016 officially kicks off, we think you’ll find yourself a brand new smartwatch. Here’s how you can watch along with us.

At 2AM AEST, Samsung’s livestream for the first of a couple of different IFA 2016 press conferences kicks off. Down the bottom of the video, you’ll find an embedded YouTube video to take part yourself, or head here for a direct feed.

Why do we think it’s the Gear S3? Well, take a look at Samsung’s ‘Talk About 3’ event page — there’s a big ol’ watchface, the number 3, and a Gear logo. And a bunch of rumours beside that. You don’t have to be an expert to put two and two together.

What we know about the Gear S3 is… nothing, for the time being. We’ve heard that it’s an evolutionary update on the Gear S2 with the same Tizen software and signature rotating bezel, but support for new features like Samsung Pay and potentially support for 3G

You can tune into the livestream below. We’ll be covering the announcement as it happens from the ground, so if you’re awake, make sure to check back in and see exactly what it is Samsung has to unveil. [Samsung]