This Is What The Perseid Meteor Shower Looked Like Around The World

Looks like the logo for our 1950s film production company. Actually, it's more complicated than that (even though we would still like to use it when we go back in time to take down Universal).

Photo credit: Florida Institute of Technology

Students at the Florida Institute of Technology created this time lapse image during the peak of this winter's Perseid meteor shower using a number of wide-angle cameras around the globe. The shower was particularly active on August 11-12

According to a release, the images were captured from 58 SkySentinel Allsky cameras, which are located here in Australia, as well as the US, Canada, Taiwan, India, Brazil and other countries.

The cameras record 24 hours a day, seven days a week and upload all data to a server at the university. They were deployed by Sandia National Laboratories to monitor meteors and other events in the atmosphere. The students also used the activity to help to upgrade the camera's system software in order to improve its accuracy.

It gives us a new perspective of the Perseid shower, which we normally see from the ground. It looks stunning no matter where we're viewing it.

[Florida Institute of Technology]

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