This Aussie Tesla Owner's Car And House Are Powered By The Queensland Sun

Tesla's second Aussie customer testimonial video — after Internode founder and long-time Tesla fan Simon Hackett — is called "Fully Charged", and it follows a customer from Queensland who owns both a Tesla Model S and a Powerwall battery and solar setup for his home. Clint Luna charges his car and powers his home using the Powerwall, relying on the state's sunny weather for a reliable solar-powered boost.

Luna, who works for telecommunications network design and cabling services company Universal Communications Group, and who works on next-generation networks like fibre to the basement, is obviously a fan of his all-electric car and battery energy storage setup: "You've got this amazing resource — we've got great sunny weather here in Queensland, and it would be a shame to waste it."

The software setup means that the Powerwall will, if depleted, charge itself from the grid using off-peak power — the cheapest possible available — and will check weather forecasts to determine how much power is needed to tide the house over until solar generates enough energy to get up to speed again. Luna says the system saves his family around $2500 per year.

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