These Comic Book Formal Suits Are Wonderfully Bonkers

These Comic Book Formal Suits Are Wonderfully Bonkers

Recently announced a series of Marvel and DC “secret identity” suits, which let you wear fancy threads with a hidden bit of comic-book geekery. The company’s latest suits, however, throw all that subtlety out of the window in favour of full-on suit insanity.

Compared to the “secret identity” suits, the “alter-ego” versions are a little bit more on the nose. Featuring suits based on the likes of Iron Man, Superman, Batman and Heath Ledger’s Joker, these suits are definitely not work-wear material. Unless, maybe, you work in an office at DC or Marvel. Even then, I imagine those places would be fine with something a little more casual than something that, say, brings a whole new meaning to the term “Bat Suit”.

At least the Joker suit actually looks a bit more like a decent Heath Ledger cosplay than a bizarre mashing together of suit and comic book costume. (As it should, considering it’s being marketed as “authentic”.)

That said, I’m very silly, so when I saw this picture all I could think of was that meme based on Jared Leto’s outfit for the Suicide Squad red carpet and spent about 30 seconds in photoshop making this:

Honestly, I’d kinda like to see Robert Downey Jr. or Christian Bale wearing one of these suits, just to see if it’d be as hilarious I think it would be. I guess I could just make some more bad Photoshops and find out?

Fun’s new suits are available to pre-order now for a rather pricey $US250 ($328) for the adult versions (the Joker one comes in at a hefty $US350 [$460]), ahead of a release in early December.