There’s A Harambe Market At Disney World

There’s A Harambe Market At Disney World
Image: Supplied

I haven’t been to Walt Disney World in many years, but the next time I go my first stop is going to be the Animal Kingdom park. Disney opened a delightful market in 2015 that serves ribs, curry sausages, and an assortment of other grilled foods. The name? The Harambe Market.

Lunch sounds especially delicious at the Harambe Market with dishes like the all-beef gyro flatbread, served with green papaya slaw and black-eyed pea, corn and tomato salad. Your family will go ape for it.

Or if you arrive at dinner time, the kids will love the Karubi Ribs, which are glazed with bbq sauce and include your choice of apple wedges, carrot sticks, or broccoli spears. And it’s all just $US7.49 ($10). The prices are so low, it’s bananas.

If you’re looking for dessert, the Harambe Market offers an African Milk Tart, which is coconut custard in a chocolate tart shell, dusted with sugar and five-spice powder that’s then drizzled with dark chocolate ganache. Too bad they don’t have chocolate chimp.

Have you ever been to Harambe Market? Tell us what it was like. Did your kids like it? Did they get to meet Harambe?