The Retooled MacGyver Reboot Adds A Sense Of Humour To All The Gadgets And Explosions

Video: It hasn't been smooth sailing for the MacGyver reboot. We already saw one trailer back in May, which has since been scrapped along with the original pilot. Australian director James Wan (Furious 7, The Conjuring) — a show producer who originally planned to helm the pilot, then stepped away — was hastily brought back for damage control.

Last month, at San Diego Comic-Con, Wan had just begun shooting the pilot after an overhaul that included several casting changes and a haircut for star Lucas Till. The new trailer introduces us not just to the daring title character, but also to "the muscle", "the boss", "the best friend" and "the hacker" — and makes copious references to Mac's inventive ways with chewing gum and tin foil. Plus, explosions. And jokes.

The hands-on involvement of Wan (a huge fan of the original show) has made a big difference — this looks way more goofy and spontaneous than the earlier take, exactly the way a contemporary MacGyver should be.


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