The Perth Mint Has 5000 Gold-Pressed Latinum Strips For Sale

Image: Perth Mint

Someone over at the Perth Mint really likes Star Trek. Commemorative coins featuring captains from the various shows is one thing, but an actual strip of gold-pressed latinum? Now that's hardcore.

For the sum of $129, a strip of gold-pressed latinum can be yours, modelled off those seen in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Considering the show's high Ferengi quotient, this doesn't come as much of a surprise.

Those hoping the bars contain a liquid latinum suspension... well, of course they don't. A more accurate description would be "gold-pressed silver"; the bars are 99.9 per cent of the latter metal, with only the outer layer made of the more valuable yellow stuff.

According to the product page, only 5000 will be made, each coming with a certificate of authenticity and packed in a nice wooden case.

As much as I'd like to buy one, I'd be far too tempted to pull it out all the time for a pretend game of Dabo or two. And for that, well, I'd certainly need more than one, transforming the whole thing into an extremely expensive affair.

[The Perth Mint]

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