The Emails I Received From People Who Think I’m Friends With Jeff Bezos

The Emails I Received From People Who Think I’m Friends With Jeff Bezos

About a year ago, I wrote a blog post with a tricky headline. I now receive lots of emails from people who either think I’m pals with or am Amazon CEO and Star Trek: Beyond extra Jeff Bezos. It would be funny, if the messages weren’t so heart-breaking.

So the point of the above headline was to make it clear that Jeff Bezos said “If you have a problem with Amazon, email me.” He said something to that effect. But if you just sort of fly through the headline, you might be fooled into thinking that the author of this blog (me) has a direct line to Jeff. I do not. Some people seemed to think that I was, in fact, Jeff Bezos himself. I am not.

In the spirit of transparency, I’d like to share these misdirected messages with you.

Date: December 20, 2015

Subject: Amazonian Ghost

Sr.Jeff Bezos,
I’m your employee ghost, and you are my letter to Santa Claus, I belong to an agency partners working in Amazon Fulfilment in Miami, this email may cost me my current position, but I also have dreams, I want to be worker blue badge in your company which broadcast daily and spend a fortune on advertising of the duties and rights of workers and stimulus plans for them, in which us, we don’t have the right to participate (the least: We had no right to FLU SHOT, applied to all workers) do not exist in your Company, someone said “Someday, will direct workers, and Europe began the conversion” LIES !!! The requirements to enter the workforce are: Not having bad points, no tardies, no absences, have more than 90 days laboring, apply via website (I have 8 months of work fulfilling all, I applied 5 times, have spoken with Human Resources, unable to help (their logo is: If you need help, ask me) another LIE, they say that to apply, have to give up my current partner Company and can call me, no places in these although now every day come new, since I dared interrupt a meeting to demand, where he participated the Chief, front desk girl before me smiled and greeted me or look at me.
When I told them I would write directly to the owner of Amazon, JEFF BEZOS they laughed and even asked me if I would do it in English or Spanish?, you may not answer me this email, or read it but I believe in myself and I know that if you want, you can and win. this is my request gift from Santa, baby Jesus or just a dreamer.
I wish you Happy holidays with his family, which is more important than wealth that we have, my request is simple: WORK BLUE BADGE perhaps unreachable.
I am a foreign doctor, 54 years old, who is not afraid to be a worker to get ahead, immigrant for the second time, not to accept the injustices to which we are subjected in Venezuela and Cuba and do not want to be discriminated against

Date: January 20, 2016

Subject: Help

Hello Dears.
Can i Reach message to Mr Jeff Bezos via you? If its possible my message is…
To Mr Jeff Bezos.
Dear Mr Jeff Great philanthropes .can i get support from you? Loan or grant or donations?. If i can this my story.. Since Im a child and I resist poverty until this moment, In the past didnt want anyone help me I was wanted to rely on myself hope to receive the best education and work in a prestigious post in the future, but everything came on the contrary, the situation has become worse and instead of learning and sudenlly i was came out of school and settled in high school certificate to looking for work so if I can help my family out of this crisis, when I was porn1989 everyone in my country Sudan was live in poverty when I grew up I was thinking about the future no thing to me my father is old and he not have work in that moment ,im thinking about future what How it is?
I one day will have a wife and children of such people? I one day will have a home? i one day will have a car?, and I think even became my age 26 years,until now I fight poverty inside but unfortunately I didn’t even now trying to kill poverty by very old weapons (marginal works) now im work but i have very low income not enough until pay the rent and 3 meals and protect health , by all respect i ask you if you can help me to be out of this dark tunnel? Because you good people and I didn’t realizey my dreams and my dreams are not difficult for everyone who wants to make the world a better place like you, I’m looking for someone who takes my hand and help me achieve my dreams, this is the real story. Now I am writing to you because i feel you can help me to get support from you.
if you can, i need help, i cant live i want to change my life, but i cant do it alone my income is not eanough to it, i need you help me and support me to be far from poverty please , just i want to live like any one in the world, i have simple dreams , i analized its and get me need to 4 things. 1-im not have house because im poor 2-im not marry because im poor. 3-im not have capital to trade and save my life because im poor. 4-im not have car because poor ,i want to change my life but i cant do it alone im looking for any one help me just i want one to achaive all my dreams i trust with peoples im trust with you ,can i get help from you? Thank you. <NAME REDACTED>

Date: February 23 20, 2016

Subject: Bna 3 worst facility

Yes sir I’m not sure if your the real Jeff bezos but I thought I try I work a bna3 in Murfreesboro Tennessee and everyone of your am and pa treat people like crap for instant I work with my mother we both have work at bna3 for 3 years since day one and they treat my mother with nothing but disrespect she cries everyday mostly at lunch which makes me mad seeing my mother in tears because they discriminate her cause of her size and age all of your indirect are young people who not been there longer then her and today She try to transfer to pack and they give her a Final written for off task and she never been wrote up before 3 years never wrote up for nothing and the only time she try to transfer she was two days off her seniority if you can please come to bna3 and talk to me my mother and our gm Scott Newport face to face that be great if you care about your employees like you say you do please get back to me
Sent from my iPhone

Date: March 4, 2016

Subject: Help

Dear Mr. Jeff Bezos, CEO,, USA.
Pleased find attached herewith copy of legal notice issued to your
Indian Associate & Xiaomi India Co.
You are requested to please intervene in this matter and our genuine
complaint should be redressed without wasting further time.
Thanking you and anticipating quick positive response.
Mumbai, India.
Note: Forwarded message attached

Date: July 27, 2016

Subject: Hi

Hi Adam,
Can you please kindly help me to contact Jeff Bezos ?I am writing this to request support on my Educational needs .If this possible to provide his contact , kindly advice me .
Thank you !

One last thing, if you really do want to get in touch with Jeff Bezos, try emailing him directly ([email protected]).