The Disappointments Room Has A Cool Premise, A Scary Trailer And A Terrible Title

Video: A general rule of thumb is, if you buy a new house and discover a spooky room that's not on the floor plans, you run away as fast as you can. But if that happened in horror movies like The Disappointments Room, there wouldn't be much of a story, would there? The long-delayed Disappointments Room is directed by D.J. Caruso, who did Disturbia and Eagle Eye; it stars Kate Beckinsale and opens on December 8. The first trailer is here, and unlike most trailers for supernatural horror movies, it really doesn't give away much. There are lots of teases and quick cuts that are probably revealing after you've seen the film — but, for once, the trailer actually makes you want to see the movie and find out more.

That's a good trailer with a very mysterious, intriguing premise. Let's be honest, though: The Disappointments Room is not a good title. It doesn't exactly roll off the tongue like Panic Room or House of Leaves. (Which I mention because this has a tangentially similar premise.) But I'd watch a movie called "DKjkladal;kfjd;akyfia;df" if it was good. Hopefully, this one is.

[Yahoo Movies]

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