The Census Website Is Back Up

Image: Gizmodo

After being taken down on Tuesday night at 7:55pm due to an alleged series of DDoS attempts resulting in the voluntary shutdown of the site, the Census website is back up again.

Clicking through to the Census site, you can see it is now up and running.

The message on the Census website repeats the message, stating "The Census website is now available. We apologise for the inconvenience and thank everyone for their patience".

For more details on how it came down and what the fallout has been, check out our developing story here.

An interesting detail that our Editor Cam noticed also:



    If you use Google-DNS then 'No, the site is not up', thanks to earlier technical stupidy the DNS records will be a few days to propogate. Likely phonecalls made to iiNet/Optus/Telstra to clean up theirs only.

      I can access from the office, but: cannot resolve address. reports the site is still down.

    QUICK!... Everyone log in before those overseas hackers strike again! haha

    "The Census website is now available" - ABS and Government speak for "No, it's not"
    server DNS address could not be found. Liars.

    Well its not gonna even propagate, as it is obviously still blocked.

    A very costly program is still not running. Not because of those over sea hackers are good but those behind this program are useless

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