The 7 Scariest Movie Scenes Of All Time

The 7 Scariest Movie Scenes Of All Time

What movie scene scared you the most when you first watched it? Was it something embarrassing? Or is it something you’re still scared of, and if you see anything resembling it in real life, you completely freak out?

CineFix lists what it thinks are the seven scariest movie scenes in film history and analyses the type of scare the movies are using. Sometimes it’s the jump scare that pops up out of no where. Other times it’s the scare of suspense, or the looming sense of dread, or worst of all, the meaninglessness of the void.

Don’t get me wrong, seeing the human body get twisted in horrific ways is scary, but the concept of using nothingness as a scare can haunt forever.

CineFix’s list (they’re are obviously spoilers and NSFW scenes involved):

  1. The Shining’s elevator scene – existential doom and dread
  2. Don’t Look Now’s murder scene- Being inside the horror
  3. Cache – Human psyche perversion
  4. The Exorcist – Spider Walk – Human body perversion
  5. Mulholland Drive’s diner scene – Dread
  6. Zodiac’s basement scene – Suspense
  7. Jaw’s floating head scene – Jump scare