That Toy Story Voltron Toy Just Got Even Wilder

That Toy Story Voltron Toy Just Got Even Wilder

Remember that combining Toy Story robot figure that turned Woody and pals into a giant mecha? Well, not only is there a new one based on Buzz Lightyear — but the two mechs combine into one gigantic, unholy, completely awesome mess of Toy Story robot madness.

First up is the new Buzz mech, which basically looks like Buzz Lightyear just stood there smugly while someone slapped Gundam parts over his head and legs:

The adorable “Space Ranger Robo” includes individual figures of Buzz, two Pizza Planet aliens, and Buzz’s spaceship, which combine into the giant robot seen above (it sits at around 20cm tall, about an inch shorter than its Woody counterpart). It gets even better, though, with the confirmation that the two robots can actually be merged into an even bigger robot — ladies and gentlemen, I give you the SUPER COMBINATION GANGREAT KING:

That’s a name suitably ridiculous for such a ridiculous mecha — one that has a dinosaur for one arm, a missile for another, and then the head of Buzz Lightyear blankly gazing out of its upper torso. Amazing.

Slightly less amazing is the price; when the Space Ranger Robo comes out in January next year in Japan, it will set you back the equivalent of around $US185 ($243). If you want to combine both, that means coughing up nearly $US400 ($524). Instead, it might be best just to stick watching this cute little animated videos of the toys Bandai released:

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