'Swear Trek' Provides The Cursing Star Trek Crew We All Deserve

Image: Supplied

I think we all know that the crap the crews of Federation starships go through would provoke some pretty hardcore cursing from even the most stoic of people. Who isn't going to let out a giant F-bomb when their best friend is eaten by a salt vampire? Thankfully, a Twitter account has stepped up to fix the problem TV censors caused. Aaron Reynolds curates @swear_trek while also running the amazing Batman '66 Labels. But while the latter is all real things from a TV show, Swear Trek is much more inventive:

Here's the real mission of the Enterprise:

And while the Original Series has provided some great fodder:

And so has The Next Generation:

The all-time bests are from The Animated Series:

If you would like to save some Swear Trek gifs, there's a Tumblr (a bit behind) in addition to the Twitter account.

Now, excuse me, I've come to embody this one:

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