Stranger Things Has Never Looked More Adorable Than In This Fan Art

Since its debut on Netflix, Stranger Things has taken over the world. Seemingly everywhere you go people are talking about the show, and artists have taken it upon themselves to reinterpret the characters in their own, fun ways. For our money, though, this is as good as it gets.

That's by Joey Spiotto, as part of his ongoing Storytime series where he takes modern pop culture properties and reimagines them as Little Golden Books, which have been around for decades. It fits so well for Stranger Things because it's a nostalgic take on a nostalgic show, filled with tiny winks and nods to the show itself. Notice Eleven's nose, the arrangement of the words at the top, the lights and the binding down the left side.

He's also just started a Kickstarter to turn some of his previous works into a book.

Unfortunately, the only way to get the Stranger Things piece is to contribute to the Kickstarter. But you'll also get the book too. Find out more about that here.

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